Churches are a unique form of spiritual and inspirational art. Whether the most basic, rustic structure to the truly inspirational, they all initially require a designing architect. Having funded the construction of hundreds of churches, American Church Mortgage Company has a database of architects that have stood the test of time for denominational appropriateness, cost management and inspirational work within the parameters given. As a lender for construction projects, we are happy to refer to you those architects whom we feel are most appropriate for your situation. For more information, please fill out our Contact sheet or call our Loan Department toll free at (800) 815-1175, ext. 1144. 

construction contractors

Because we have provided loans to so many churches around the country, we have a data base of reputable construction contractors which we are willing to share with churches we finance. We do not charge a fee for this service, but are rewarded knowing that the project will be built by a trustworthy contractor who has a proven history of performing on other church construction projects of a similar type and difficulty. Church buildings are typically single use facilities with unique characteristics so churches need contractors who can build these structures to the standards specified, on time and on budget. To learn more, please fill out our Contact sheet or call our Loan Department toll free at (800) 815-1175, ext. 1144. 

fund raising firms

Churches often prefer to spend their own cash on improvements before borrowing money. They usually want to consider what they can raise from their members before contemplating outside borrowing. Knowing up-front the congregation’s capital campaign giving capacity is an important part of a church expansion strategy. As a lender to churches, we find it helpful to know not only what a church can provide through its own funds, but also it’s ability to service a loan after that initial capital campaign is finished. In our experience, these two items are intricately entwined in non-profit financing. There are certain professional fundraising firms who we feel have been able to realistically provide the services for which they are hired. We are willing to refer churches we finance to a few fund raising firms that seem to have stood the test of time, delivered on their promises, and proven their ability to do good work. These firms run professional campaigns within the guidelines of the religious body that hires them. They are able to truly inspire and motivate a congregation to provide a realistic and adequate capital fundraising effort. Once that campaign is accomplished or as it is launched, we can provide the additional funds required for the church to meet it goals and missions. For fund raising firm references, please fill out our Contact sheet or call our Loan Department toll free at (800) 815-1175, ext. 1144.