American Church Mortgage Company ("ACMC") and its affiliate, American Investors Group, Inc. are direct lending sources for not-for-profit religious organizations throughout the United States of loans ranging from $200,000 to $15 million in size. Our church loans typically provide funding for new church construction, renovation, refinance, or property acquisition. Churches can benefit from working with our firm in the following ways:

  • fixed interest rate

Avoid variable interest rates which typify conventional financing.

  • fully amortized

Payments retire both principal and interest over a stated repayment period, building equity for your church by regular retirement of debt. 

  • permanent financing

Eliminates costly interim construction financing or periodic re-financing.

  • flexibility

Allows the church to obtain additional financing in the future for expansion or remodeling without refinancing its first mortgage.

  • avoid balloon payments

There is no need to set aside large amounts of money or seek replacement financing in upcoming years.

  • Prepayment Privilege

Bond financing may be paid off early. Modest prepayment charges may apply only in the first 2 years.

  • No personal guarantees

Avoid personal guarantees by officers and membership, which other lenders often require.

  • Avoid restrictive operating covenants

Unlike banks, our financing program doesn't require you to restrict future borrowing, maintain minimal cash deposits, or sustain financial performance "ratios" after your loan is funded. 

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